A Chiller Night (2)

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How many hobos are defeated at each 'power level'?

A Chiller Night
A Chiller Night

You come across those dancing zombie hobos again -- but this time, you're no longer content to just sit and watch. The time has come to either dance or... not dance. Which will it be?

Dance with them
  • Dance 1 and 22-23:

You join the ranks of zombie hobos and begin dancing along with them.You turn around and moonwalk while the rest of the zombies are leaping forward and high-kicking. You plow backwards through the zombie chorus line, leaving bodies strewn behind you.

  • Dances 2-5 and 18-21:

You join the ranks of zombie hobos and begin dancing along with them.You step into the zombie dance squad and subtly screw up their precision dancing. You deliberately start on the wrong foot, causing the confused zombies on either side to switch feet to match you. Then when everyone else turns left, the three of you turn right, plowing into everyone else and causing a zombie pile-up.

  • Dances 6-8 and 15-17:

You join the ranks of zombie hobos and begin dancing along with them.You know enough choreography to really integrate yourself into the zombie dance squad, and also enough to know when to sabotage for maximum damage. When the zombies go into their eight beats of rhythmic crotch thrusting, you pretend to lose your place and go into a series of waist-high kicks. The newtonian forces at play wreak an agreeable amount of zombie carnage.

  • Dances 9-14:

You join the ranks of zombie hobos and begin dancing along with them.You know the dance so well, now, that you take out the lead dancer with a well-placed kick and take his place. Now you get to make the zombies dance to your choreography. You throw a stylized dancing punch at the zombie next to you, stopping just short of hitting him. The other zombies mirror you, but lack your nuanced reflexes, leading to a series of meaty thuds as their punches connect. For your next move, you mime kicking someone in the crotch, and then mime throttling someone to within an inch of their unlife...

  • After 23 dances:

You join the ranks of zombie hobos and begin dancing along with them. You jump into the dance and try to fake the choreography. It looked a whole lot easier from a distance -- and the world looked a lot more blue and green. You miss a step and stomp heavily on a few toes. Unfortunately, the hobos involved don't even miss a beat. You feel like if you knew more about the dance, you could sabotage it a lot more effectively.

Resist the temptation

You resist the temptation to dance. And The Temptations. And Gladys Knight.

Occurs at The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground


  • Occurs only after choosing to study the zombies' dance moves in A Chiller Night 3 times.
  • A Chiller Night can appear only 5 times for each flimflam in the Purple Light District. (Occurrences are consumed even if you leave the non-combat without spending an adventure.)
  • Up to 23 dances can be performed by a single Adventurer, over the course of which approximately 150 Spooky hobos will be eliminated – dances start weak, grow stronger until reaching maximum strength, then reduce back to minimum power. After 23 times, dancing is no longer effective.


  • The bit about the world looking blue and green may allude to the song "From A Distance".
  • The title of the adventure references the Michael Jackson song "Thriller", and the fact that dancing kills the zombies may be a reference to the game Moonwalker, where Michael Jackson could use his dance moves to instantly kill most enemies, including zombies.