A. W. O. L. Tattoo

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A. W. O. L. Tattoo
A. W. O. L. Tattoo

The A. W. O. L. Tattoo is a progressive tattoo. Use an A. W. O. L. commendation from your miscellaneous inventory to receive the first tattoo.


Initial Tattoo
1 Aolcom.gif

1st Upgrade
10 Aolcom.gif

2nd Upgrade
25 Aolcom.gif

3rd Upgrade
50 Aolcom.gif

4th Upgrade
100 Aolcom.gif


  • Like the Hobo Tattoo, this tattoo can be upgraded.
  • If a version of the A. W. O. L. tattoo is active when upgraded, the upgraded tattoo will not become active until it is re-selected from the tattoo menu.
  • It costs 186 commendations for the final version, equivalent to 93,000 skeletons killed.