3 eXXXtreme 4ever 6pack

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What are the possible trick names?
3 eXXXtreme 4ever 6pack
3 eXXXtreme 4ever 6pack

You find yourself at the highest point on the eXtreme slope with no memory of how you got there. The only thing in your mind is an overpowering desire to do sick snowboard tricks.

You begin your descent with a Mongolia-style Lando followed by a Backflip-Method Synecdoche and by the time you're finished with your Mindy Economy you're snowboarding faster than you've ever snowboarded before.

You round a bend and see the legendary Sickpipe Ramp, the steepest ramp on the Slope. "Screw it," you say, as you go for it. You take flight...

Double Jibber-Flip Fresh Ninety

Cross-Nail-style Tindy

Two-Handed Mute Batavia Rocket

11° Nail Porkchop with Beefside Squirrel

Roast Cross-Mongolia Melancholy to 360° Columbia-Method

Orthogonal 69° Perfect Melancholy

The red glow surrounding you hits what you assume is its maximum intensity as the voice from above, laden with reverb, booms "UL-UL-UL-ULTRA SICK COMBO! EX-EX-EX-EX-TREME-TREME-TREME-TREME! TREME!"

Occurs at The eXtreme Slope in eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear as part of the Mt. McLargeHuge Quest.


  • Changes the "Extreme Meter" in your charpane to:
  • Trick names are randomly generated.