2 eXXtreme 4 U

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What are the possible trick names?
2 eXXtreme 4 U
2 eXXtreme 4 U

Once again, you find yourself at the top of a long snowy slope. Fortified by your burgeoning eXtremity, you start your run by seeking out a sick ramp.

Off of said sick ramp, you perform a <random trick> followed by a <random trick>.

With the speed built up by those two tricks, you careen off the snow-covered roof of a conveniently-placed cabin and do a <random trick>!

The red glow surrounding you increases in intensity as the booming voice from above screams "SICK! S-S-S-S-SICK! DOUBLE EXTREME!"

Occurs at The eXtreme Slope in eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear as part of the Mt. McLargeHuge Quest.


  • Changes the "Extreme Meter" in your charpane to:


  • The "Ensure!" is a reference to Ensure nutritional drink, a competitor to Boost.