1950 Vampire Vintner wine

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1950 Vampire Vintner wine
1950 Vampire Vintner wine


Type: booze (awesome)
Potency: 1
Selling Price: 111 Meat.
Cannot be traded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: 1950 Vampire Vintner wines)
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Item number: 10800
Description ID: 140977937
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Obtained From

Sometimes dropped after combat by a Vampire Vintner

When Consumed

AdventuresYou gain 4 Adventures.
You gain X Fortitude.
You gain Y Enchantedness.
You gain Z Roguishness.
You gain 1 Drunkenness.
SomethingYou acquire an effect: ... something
(duration: 12 Adventures)[[Data:{{{effect}}}]]


  • The element of the wine will be the one for which the most damage D was dealt, summed over the 13 combats before the combat in which the wine drops. The power of the effect given by the wine, X is equal to round(ln(D)) + 4.
  • Damage is stored internally by the game as a signed 64-bit integer, meaning if you deal more than 2^63 damage, damage will overflow and you will not receive a high-level wine. Exact mechanics of the overflow are unknown. This detail means that wine level is effectively capped at approximately level 48.
  • Stat gain formula appears to be dependent on the element of the wine.
  • The wine's craft year is calculated by 1980 - D^(2/7). Earlier year wines therefore represent higher-quality buffs.
Element Name Effect
Hot Wine-Hot
The glass is hot to the touch and little wisps of steam curl up from the surface of the wine.
+3X Hot Damage
Hot Resistance (+(X-2))
Maximum HP +10X
+5X% Item Drops from Monsters
Cold Wine-Cold
The glass has a thin layer of frost on it and the wine has the consistency of a convenience store slushee.
+3X Cold Damage
Cold Resistance (+(X-2))
Maximum MP +5X
+5X% Meat from Monsters
Stench Wine-Befouled
You can smell it from across the room, which is where you put it a second ago due to the smell.
+3X Stench Damage
Stench Resistance (+(X-2))
Muscle +5X
+X to Familiar Weight
Spooky Wine-Dark
An eldritch mist hovers over the glass, and the wine inside is more 'slightly reddish black' than 'red'.
+4X Spooky Damage
Spooky Resistance (+(X-2))
Mysticality +5X
+2X% Chance of Spell Critical Hit
Sleaze Wine-Frisky
The glass is covered in fingerprints and the wine inside has a weird oily sheen on top.
+3X Sleaze Damage
Sleaze Resistance (+(X-2))
Moxie +5X
+5X% Pickpocket Chance
Physical Wine-Fortified
It's lukewarm, and has so little color that at first you thought it was a wineglass full of water.
Weapon Damage +3X
+2X% chance of Critical Hit
Damage Reduction: 3X
+10X% Combat Initiative
Familiar Damage Wine-Friendly
Bold and bright, with notes of a veterinarian's office in the nose.
Familiar Damage +3X
+X Familiar Experience Per Combat
Spell Damage +3X
+3X to Monster Level
Wine strength (X) Damage threshold (D) Average damage over 13 combats (rounded up)
7 12 1
8 33 3
9 90 7
10 244 19
11 665 52
12 1,808 140
13 4,914 378
14 13,359 1,028
15 36,315 2,794
16 98,715 7,594
17 268,337 20,642
18 729,416 56,109
19 1,982,759 152,520
20 5,389,698 414,593
  • For example, dealing 13,357+ Hot damage as your highest source will result in a 1956 wine with +42 Hot Damage, +12 Hot resistance, +140 Maximum HP, and +70% Item Drops.


  • Prior to 2021-10-19, this wine originally provided 10 adventures of its associated buff, and the power level of the wine, X was equal to 4 + round(total damage1/6).
  • Prior to 2022-09-13, ascension did not clear the Vintner's damage tracking, meaning that dealing damage in a previous ascension without receiving a wine (to reset the values) could influence the type of wine awarded in the following ascension, usually negatively. Sadly, a total of 0 stunt runs are known to have taken advantage of this bug, but a minimum of 11 ascensions had been adversely impacted.


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