'Villa' document

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'Villa' document
'Villa' document

This is a piece of paper covered with print so fine you can't actually read it. It has the word "Villa" in big letters at the top, though.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: 'Villa' documents)

Obtained From

Uncle P's Antiques (100,000,000 Meat)

When Used

As you make an attempt to begin reading the fine print on the document, you feel a tap on your shoulder.

You turn around, to see a small group of Mob Penguin thugs behind you. The one in front speaks.

"The document you have just read has bound you to an agreement with Don Pygoscelis. The details of that agreement are not, at present, to be revealed to you. However, as part of the terms of said agreement, you have been granted access to the Don's villa. Due to the recent increase in our activity in this area, the Don is rarely at the villa, himself. Please make yourself at home."

The thugs turn and leave without another word.

You have been granted access to the "villa" chat channel.
or, if you have already used a 'villa' document
You've already gained access to the villa channel.


  • This was implemented as a meatsink to lower the amount of meat in the game and give access to the villa chat room.
  • In the old days of Uncle P's Antiques, a Villa document could be purchased for 500 million meat. Then Uncle P halved the price to 250 million. Once the Mafia returned from the Icy Peak through the Temporal Rift, however, the price was set at 500 million yet again. It has since been lowered to 100 million meat.


  • The mob is well known in Italy therefore a Villa document is fitting because mansions in Italy are known as villa (plural: ville).


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