Zombie pineal gland

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zombie pineal gland
zombie pineal gland

This is the pineal gland of someone who died from a strange infection that swept the community, and then was brought back to life as a walking corpse. If you don't know where on the body the pineal gland comes from, I'm certainly not going to tell you.

(Meat Pasting component)
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: zombie glands pineal)
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Item number: 1343
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Market Square, 28 Days Later
drunken zombie half-orc hobo
fiendish zombie can of asparagus
zombie Gnollish crossdresser
Zombie Knob Goblin Assistant Chef
zombie yeast beast
The Mall of Loathing, 28 Days Later
white zombie
zombie apathetic lizardman
Zombie Clown
zombie frat boy
zombie hippy
zombie zmobie
Wrong Side of the Tracks, 28 Days Later
scary pirate (28 Days Later)
Zombie eXtreme Snowboarding Orc
Zombie Goth Giant
Zombie N00b
Zombie Quiet Healer
The Raffle House
Knob Goblin Elite Zombie



  • Could be used to make a loaded serum blowgun by giving one to Doc Galaktik at Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show.
  • When the drop locations became inaccessible, the item became unobtainable outside the Mall. About a year later, Riff stated that a new supply might be implemented, but the Mall supply would need to drop significantly before that would happen. [1] This eventually happened nearly a decade later, on August 5, 2015, as part of the Tuesday update. Monsters that dropped zombie pineal glands became available to draw from the Deck of Every Card, causing new glands to enter the mall for the first time since the event itself.
  • Second prize in The Raffle House on January 9th, 10th, 24th, 28th, February 10th and 13th of 2008.


  • The pineal gland is found near the center of the brain, just above the superior colliculus. It is believed by some to have mystical powers.
  • Descartes wrote that the pineal gland might play some important role in consciousness, which was one of the earliest speculations in the Philosophy of Mind. Also within the purview of the Philosophy of Mind is is the Zombie Hypothesis, which posits the existence of human beings who behave exactly like we do, but have no consciousness (and are thus, Philosophical zombies). This makes the notion of a "zombie pineal gland" an ironic combination of Philosophical concepts that suggests "the consciousness of something without consciousness."
  • In the notorious movie Plan 9 From Outer Space, zombies are created in part by zapping corpses' pineal glands with electricity.


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