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You sneak aboard the Zeppelin, hoping you can hold off being discovered by the Red Army long enough that you can painstakingly assemble clues as to what the Army's up to, and where you might find Ron Copperhead.

You sneak into a seat, check the magazine pocket on the back of the seat in front of you, and see it contains a pamphlet called "Project Red Zeppelin Brief." Well, that was easier than you were expecting.

Thumbing through the brief, it looks like the Red Zeppelin is the front line of a full-scale Red Army assault on the Kingdom. The Zeppelin's full of Red Army troops and dignitaries, including Copperhead himself!

Now all you have to do is fight an entire army, find their probably-insane-and-bloodthirsty leader, and Bob's your uncle.

Occurs at The Red Zeppelin.


  • Does not take an adventure.