Yummy death watch beetle

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yummy death watch beetle
yummy death watch beetle

This is a beetle that makes a spoooky ticking noise that makes people think of sitting around waiting for someone to die. I mean, those spooky times where you don't want somebody to die and you know it's going to happen, not those times where you didn't like them very much and you're the sole beneficiary of their will. Anyway, it's as delicious as it is spooky, provided you're a bird.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 3 Meat.

(In-game plural: yummy death watch beetles)
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Obtained From

Can drop from any Spooky-aligned enemy while in Form of...Bird!

When Used

  • In Bird Form:
You swallow the beetle. You feel an uncomfortable tapping in your stomach, but it doesn't last very long.
  • Otherwise:
You briefly consider eating the yummy death watch beetle, but are filled with revulsion at the prospect.



  • Possibly a reference to Stephen King's Insomnia.
  • Beetle is a reference to a plot device in the movie Practical Magic.


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