Your Workshed

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Your Workshed

Your workshed is located in your campground and houses useful appliances. It is constructed the first time you use any workshed appliance.


The shed can contain only one installed appliance at a time. If you install another appliance while your workshed is occupied, your previously installed appliance will be returned to your inventory as an item. You may switch your installed appliance only once per day.

Your workshed and installed appliance persist through ascension.

Limited-time content
2021 or older content No longer available in in-season challenge paths.
2022 content Will not be available in in-season challenge paths in 2025 or later.
2023 content Will not be available in in-season challenge paths in 2026 or later.
2024 content Will not be available in in-season challenge paths in 2027 or later.
Appliance Effect
Modeltrain.gif model train set Play with your train to configure eight different rotating benefits during combats, based on the stations you set up.
Cmcabinet.gif cold medicine cabinet Consult the doctors through the course of the day for up to 5 items.
Horadricoven.gif diabolic pizza cube Allows you to bake diabolic pizzas.
Asdonfob.gif Asdon Martin keyfob (on ring) Grants access to your Asdon Martin.
Mayocase.gif portable Mayo Clinic Grants access to the Mayo Clinic.
Genelab.gif Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab Allows you to synthesize various Gene Tonics from extracted monster DNA. Also allows you to "hybridize yourself" with the extracted monster DNA, giving an intrinsic, which does not have a turn limit.
Snowmachine.gif snow machine When any garden is harvested, it produces 1 snow berries and 1 ice harvest in addition. Not retroactive.
Spinningwheel thumb.gif spinning wheel Can be "used" from a link in the workshed once per day for level3 Meat. Level is capped at 30 (for 27,000 Meat).
Wbanvil.gif warbear auto-anvil Allows meatsmithing without using an Adventure 5 times per day
Wbchemset.gif warbear chemistry lab About 20% of the time when cooking a potion, creates an additional copy of the potion.

About 3% of the time it will additionally create a warbear superpotion, warbear liquid lasers, or warbear rejuvenation potion.

Wbstill.gif warbear high-efficiency still 20% of the time when cocktailcrafting, returns one of the two ingredients.
Wboven.gif warbear induction oven Creates an additional copy of the first cooked item of the day and has a 5% chance the rest of the time when cooking.
Wbdrillpress.gif warbear jackhammer drill press Produces an additional wad 10% of the time when smashing equipment that normally yields a wad.

Additionally, 1% of the time, an antimatter wad is produced.

Wblprom.gif warbear LP-ROM burner Lets you make recordings of your Accordion Thief buffs. Non-Accordion Thieves can only record Donho's Bubbly Ballad and Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration, which will result in singles (which last half as long.)

5% of the time additionally creates a recording of Rolando's Rondo of Resisto for Accordion Thieves.


Clicking on the workshed describes what it contains:

Your rickety workshed contains:
something <some appliance>

When first using any workshed appliance, your workshed is constructed:

You don't have anywhere to put this, so you go dig through the dumpster behind a lumber yard and hastily construct a workshed in your campsite.

As the Avatar of Sneaky Pete:

Some kind of still... (how'd that get here?)

If the Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab is installed but you don't have a DNA extraction syringe:

The machine emits a series of beeps, then a panel opens on the side and dispenses a little syringe.
Syringe3.gifYou acquire an item: DNA extraction syringe

With DNA-Splicing Lab and an empty syringe:

Your DNA extraction syringe is currently empty.

With DNA-Splicing Lab and a filled syringe:

Your extraction syringe currently contains a sample of <phylum> DNA, which can produce the following effect:
something Human-<phylum> Hybrid

With Lab, filled syringe, and Gene Tonic charges remaining:

You can make N more gene tonics today.
Make a gene tonic
You place the syringe in the lab's spectro-tronic analysis chamber. It emits a short beep, followed by a blue glow, followed by a little bottle of gene tonic.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]

With Lab, filled syringe, but no more Gene Tonic charges:

The lab needs to reorder the supplies for making gene tonics. It'll do it on its own, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

If you haven't hybridized yourself yet today:

Hybridize yourself
You fill yourself with monster DNA. You're alive... alive! Well, you were alive before, but now you're alive and an abominable genetic hybrid.
SomethingYou acquire an intrinsic: ... something[[Data:{{{effect}}}]]

If you attempt to hybridize yourself with the same intrinsic you already have:

That wouldn't accomplish anything.


You've already made yourself a horrible abomination once today. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to do it again.

If the Warbear LP-ROM burner is installed:

Use It!
You step into your workshed and fire up the old LP-ROM burner. What song would you like to record?

After selecting a song and number of recordings and clicking "Burn It":

You burn a wonderful rendition of <buff>.
MPYou lose some Mana Points.
Record.gifYou acquire some recordings of The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder
Record.gifYou acquire some recordings of Benetton's Medley of Diversity
Record.gifYou acquire some recordings of Elron's Explosive Etude
Record.gifYou acquire some recordings of Chorale of Companionship
Record.gifYou acquire some recordings of Prelude of Precision
Record.gifYou acquire some recordings of Donho's Bubbly Ballad
Record.gifYou acquire some recordings of Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration
Record.gifYou acquire some singles of Donho's Bubbly Ballad
Record.gifYou acquire some singles of Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration

If no song is selected:

You need to pick a song! The Sound of Silence isn't in your repertoire.



  • As of 2022/12/22, workshed items are automatically ejected upon Ascension, and all IotM worksheds became auto-pulls. You can only change your workshed item once per day, however, two different workshed items can be installed on the same day if the workshed is empty.

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