Your Rock Garden

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Your Rock Garden is a crop that appears in the garden at your Campground once you use a packet of rock seeds.

When "Used"

  • Allows you to harvest 3 distinct plots, each growing independently from the others.
Days of Growth Plot 1 Plot 2 Plot 3
Rggravel.gifYou acquire an item: groveling gravel
Rgmilestone.gifYou acquire an item: milestone
Rgwhetstone.gifYou acquire an item: whet stone
Rggravel.gifYou acquire 2 groveling gravel
Rgmilestone.gifYou acquire 2 milestone
Rgwhetstone.gifYou acquire 2 whet stones
Rggravel.gifYou acquire 3 groveling gravel
Rgmilestone.gifYou acquire 3 milestone
Rgwhetstone.gifYou acquire 3 whet stones
Rgpebble.gifYou acquire an item: fruity pebble
Rgboulder.gifYou acquire an item: bolder boulder
Rghardrock.gifYou acquire an item: hard rock
Rgpebble.gifYou acquire 2 fruity pebbles
Rgboulder.gifYou acquire 2 bolder boulders
Rghardrock.gifYou acquire 2 hard rocks
Rgpebble.gifYou acquire 3 fruity pebbles
Rgboulder.gifYou acquire 3 bolder boulders
Rghardrock.gifYou acquire 3 hard rocks
Rglodestone.gifYou acquire an item: lodestone
Rgmountain.gifYou acquire an item: molehill mountain
Rgstalagmite.gifYou acquire an item: strange stalagmite

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