Your Neck of the Woods

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Your Neck of the Woods
Your Neck of the Woods

The Dark Neck isn't so dark when you've memorized all the maps. You remember a clearing where the Friar's hang out and also an area labeled, "Imp Gathering."

Visit the Clearing

You stop by the clearing where you know the Friar's like to hang out. Nobody is there, but there's a pile of meat and a note addressed to Victor. Victor probably isn't going to find this place, so you take the meat.

Meat.gifYou gain 1,000 Meat.
Visit the Imp Gathering

You skulk up to the Imp Gathering and listen in on their discussion. Seems they are considering forming a union. That's interesting, but not as interesting as when one of them mentions an ancient artifact that's hidden past some olive trees. You leave the imps to their plotting and head off towards the olive grove.

Occurs at The Dark Neck of the Woods with Comprehensive Cartography.



  • The meat acquisition choice involving Victor refers to the proverb "to the victor go the spoils".