Your Mushroom Garden

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Your Mushroom Garden
Your Mushroom Garden
Zone Num 543
Location Your Campsite (garden slot)
Unlocks Packet of mushroom spores used
Recom Stat 0
Combat % 100
ML unknown - unknown
Terrain outdoor
refreshedit data

Your Mushroom Garden is a crop that appears in the garden at your Campground when you use a packet of mushroom spores. Unlike gardens that grow by themselves, it does not grow on its own. You must choose to fertilize your mushrooms after defeating Piranha plants, or harvest the mushroom to acquire the items, restarting growth from stage 1.

Combat Adventures

piranha plant This monster is a Plant -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: piranha pollen, Pristine piranha seed
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: Moxie + 20 (cap at 1,000) • Substat Gain: unknownMoxie for No Hit*: Moxie + 20 (cap at 1,000)
  • Monster Defense: Muscle + 20 (cap at 1,000)
  • Hit Points: 75% of Defense
  • Initiative: 0
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: ?

Non-Combat Adventures

The Mushy Center
  • Note: Occurs after defeating daily Piranha plant(s).
  • Note: The mushroom in the image will depend on current mushroom growth, as will the message.
  • The message starts as "A decent-sized mushroom grows in the center of the plot."
  • It progresses through plump, bulky, giant, immense and colossal mushroom sizes.
  • It is finished growing once it says, "The mushroom in your garden is now large enough to walk around inside. Also there's a door on it, which is convenient for that purpose."
  • Note: Does not consume an adventure.

No More Shroom at the Inn
  • Note: Occurs after you have already interacted with your mushrooms today.
  • Note: Once picked a new mushroom can't be planted / fertilized until after rollover.
  • Note: Does not consume an adventure.


Days of Growth Gmushfilet.gif mushroom filet Gmushslab.gif mushroom slab Gmushhouse.gif house-sized mushroom
1 3 0 0
2 6 0 0
3 9 0 0
4 9 1 0
5 9 2 0
11+ 9 2 1
  • Initiates free fight(s) with a Piranha plant in its adv.php zone, which means it requires having at least 1 adventure available and cannot be done while Falling-down drunk. It's also possible to encounter wandering monsters in this zone before fighting the piranha plant.
  • The number of Piranha plant fights available for the current day is based on what class the player is during the first fight:
    • Classes other than Plumbers only receive 1 Piranha plant fight per day.
    • Plumbers must fight 5 Piranha plants before they can fertilize or pick a mushroom for the day.
      • If at least 1 of the 5 fights are completed as a Plumber, the remaining fights for the day will still be available after the prism is broken.
  • Fertilizing and picking a mushroom are mutually exclusive. Fertile, unpicked mushrooms are reset upon ascension.

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