Your Campsite Away From Your Campsite

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Your Campsite Away From Your Campsite can be found in The Distant Woods after using a Distant Woods Getaway Brochure.

It contains:


  • Having access to this campsite grants +1 free rest.
  • Resting in your tent restores up to 200-300 HP and 100-150 MP and removes most negative effects. If you use a burnt stick to Decorate your Tent, resting here will also always grant 20 Adventures of +3 stats from fights tuned to the stat of your choice, until ascension or it is changed by choosing another burnt stick decoration:
  • Your Campfire allows you to make useful items from sticks of firewood, which campsite owners will acquire after fights in wooded locations.
  • Gazing at the stars gives you 1 of 9 Smile of the [moon sign] effect 3 times per day. This effect is seeded based on path, and remains consistent per day as long as path is unchanged (via prism break).
    • If you have the same moon sign, receive a Big Smile effect.
    • Once per day, choosing to gaze at the stars will receive a smoke signal granting That's Just Cloud-Talk, Man, which gives +25% to all stat gains. This has priority over the moon sign effect as long as campfire smoke is available and you have not already received one today.
  • Unlike most Distant Woods locations, this campsite is accessible in the Kingdom of Exploathing challenge path, having its own floating chunk of landmass.