Your Campsite Away From Your Campsite

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Your Campsite Away From Your Campsite can be found in The Distant Woods after using a Distant Woods Getaway Brochure.

It contains:


  • Having access to this campsite grants +1 free rest.
  • Resting in your tent restores up to 200-300 HP and 100-150 MP and removes most negative effects. If you use a burnt stick to Decorate your Tent, resting here will also always grant 20 Adventures of +3 stats from fights tuned to the stat of your choice, until ascension or it is changed by choosing another burnt stick decoration:
  • Your Campfire allows you to make useful items from sticks of firewood, which campsite owners will acquire after fights in wooded locations.
  • Gazing at the stars gives you 1 of 9 Smile of the [moon sign] effect 3 times per day. This effect is seeded based on path, and remains consistent per day as long as path is unchanged (via prism break).
    • If you have the same moon sign, receive a Big Smile effect.
    • Once per day, choosing to gaze at the stars will receive a smoke signal granting That's Just Cloud-Talk, Man, which gives +25% to all stat gains. This has priority over the moon sign effect as long as campfire smoke is available and you have not already received one today.
  • Unlike most Distant Woods locations, this campsite is accessible in the Kingdom of Exploathing challenge path, having its own floating chunk of landmass.
  • This can also be visited even without Distant Woods access in other paths by typing /goto away into chat.
  • If you rest at full health and MP you will receive the following message: "You go to sleep in your tent, and wake up feeling rested and refreshed, although not as much as you would have if you'd thought to bring an air mattress or something. Still, you can hardly call it camping if you're totally comfortable all the time, right?" and one adventure will still be consumed.