You Look Flushed

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You Look Flushed
You Look Flushed

You battle your way through the Haunted Bathroom until you find yourself right in front of the toilet, staring into the murky depths of the bowl. As you stare, you find a strange feeling welling up inside of you, ready to come gushing forth: you suddenly realize that you haven't emptied your bladder recently. Or, actually, ever.

Unfortunately, just as you're starting to unzip your pants (or hike up your skirt, or whatever -- look, we really don't want to get into too much detail, here), there's a splash in the water and a ghostly head pops up. The spectre is a woman or a girl, possibly, with pigtails in her hair and thick-rimmed glasses on her silvery, translucent face. "Oh, hello there," she squeaks. "I'm Wailing Wanda. I haunt this place."

"You haunt the toilet?" you ask.

"Well, you see, I died on this toilet. It's an interesting story -- oh, but I'm being rude. Go ahead and do whatever you need to do, I don't mind." She stares at you expectantly.

"Nope, I wasn't about to do anything," you say. "I'm perfectly fine. In fact, I just remembered my grandmother's on fire and my cat has leprosy." And with that, you dance your way out of the bathroom. Hopefully, since you've never felt this urge before, it'll pass before too long.

Footprints.gifYou acquire an effect: Your #1 Problem
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at The Haunted Bathroom (Bad Moon only).