You Grind 16 Rats, and Whaddya Get?

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You Grind 16 Rats, and Whaddya Get?
You Grind 16 Rats, and Whaddya Get?

I'd found the stairs to the basement, but they were blocked by a fat, sweaty man sitting on a milk crate in his stained undershirt. His eyes had the same electronically-induced glaze as the others, but otherwise his facial expression screamed 'landlord' or 'bookie' or something of that ilk.

"Hey!" he shouted when he saw me. "What you doing standing around? You got a quota to fill!"


"The gold, sha gua! You wanna eat tonight, or what?"

It was only the beta-test version, but already the scum had seeped out of the woodwork to set up their own little fiefdoms. Amazing how quickly that happened. I would have liked to have just slugged him one, but he'd scream bloody murder, and I didn't relish the thought of fighting all of his lackeys at once.

Give 30 Gold Pieces

Without 30 gold pieces:

I checked my pockets, but didn't have enough rupees or gil or whatever the things were called. Grumbling, I turned and stomped away.

I figured this fat toad wasn't worth the time or trouble. Not just yet, anyway.

Occurs at Chinatown Tenement.


  • Neither leaving nor failing to have 30 gold costs an adventure.


  • This adventure references the song Sixteen Tons, which contains the lines "You load 16 tonnes, and what do you get? One day older and deeper in debt".
  • sha gua is Chinese for fool or idiot.