You Brought Her To Her Kn-kn-kn-kn-knees, Knees.

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You Brought Her To Her Kn-kn-kn-kn-knees, Knees.
You Brought Her To Her Kn-kn-kn-kn-knees, Knees.

Of course, Yog-Urt doesn't really have knees, as such. Just like the vile Mer-kin you hate so much...

...Huh. You know, you don't feel like you hate them quite so much as before. I mean, they're huge douches, that's always gonna be true, but...

Yog-Urt squeals and gurgles and writhes pathetically. Oh yeah. You should probably go ahead and put an end to this gross nonsense.

Bring her down, ha!

You deliver the final blow, which makes a noise sort of halfway between a wet crunch and a splat. Splunch, maybe.

Yog-Urt shudders, then goes limp. Her hideous bulk quickly dissolves in the seawater, leaving nothing behind but... well, a thing?

You look around, but all the priests have left. So whatever this is, it's yours for the taking:

Karma.gifYou acquire an item: Instant Karma

As a Seal Clubber:

Hate stone.gifYou acquire an item: Cold Stone of Hatred

As a Turtle Tamer:

Hate girdle.gifYou acquire an item: Girdle of Hatred

As a Pastamancer:

Hate staff.gifYou acquire an item: Staff of Simmering Hatred

As a Sauceror:

Hate pants.gifYou acquire an item: Pantaloons of Hatred

As a Disco Bandit:

Hate slippers.gifYou acquire an item: Fuzzy Slippers of Hatred

As a Accordion Thief:

Hate lens.gifYou acquire an item: Lens of Hatred

Occurs at Mer-kin Temple.


  • The outfit piece you acquire is dependent on your current class.
  • Occurs if you have finished the scholar path