You, M. D.

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The trival update of 2/5/14 says it'll always happen eventually — what's the upper limit?

You, M. D.
You, M. D.

It looks like your doctor disguise was pretty effective, because you make it to the door of the operating room without anybody noticing that you're twice as tall as the other doctors.

Enter the Operating Theater
or, if you have already killed the protector spirit

The operating room is empty.

Dammit, door, I'm an Adventurer, not a doctor!

You take your medical leave.

Occurs at The Hidden Hospital.


  • Occurs with half-size scalpel, head mirror, surgical mask, surgical apron, or bloodied surgical dungarees equipped. Equipping multiple different items increases the chance of the adventure occurring, with an additional 10% chance for each unique item equipped (starting at 0%, capping at 50%).
    • Items giving "surgeonosity/doctorosity" indicate they provide either the "Makes you look like a doctor" (scalpel, mirror, and mask) or "Makes you look like a gross doctor" (apron and dungarees) effect.
  • Having the scalpel in the off-hand or in a Disembodied Hand does count.


  • The second choice refers to Dr. McCoy's outbursts when confronted with a task outside his field of expertise.