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This is a rock with a piece of string around it. To use it as a weapon, first throw the crib door wide, then let the people crawl inside. Then, hold onto the string, whip it around your head a couple of times, and let fly with the rock. It's just like a yo-yo, except it doesn't come back. So, y'know, it's only the first "yo."

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 25 Meat.

Deals 15-20 Physical Damage

(In-game plural: yo)
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Item number: 2114
Description ID: 423108566
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Crimbo Rock-30px.gif 1 rock 1 stringy sinew
Equals.gif yo

When Used

You swing the yo around your head and toss it at your opponent, hitting for 15-20 damage.


  • Unlike the yo-yo, the yo does not zap into anything.
  • Not surprisingly, a yo does half the damage a yo-yo does.


  • The description refers to the song We Want a Rock, by They Might Be Giants, which features the lyrics "Everybody wants a rock to/wind a piece of string around" and "Throw the crib door wide/let the people crawl inside."


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