Yeti Nother Hippy

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Yeti Nother Hippy
Yeti Nother Hippy

While exploring some of the backcountry at the eXtreme Slope, you encounter a hippy chained to a tree. He shakes his dreadlocks at you and shouts "Save the Knott Yeti! Save the Knott Yeti!"

"Dude, what are you talking about?" You ask. "Didn't you hear that the Council got a couple of breeding Yetis and repopulated the entire Icy Peak?"

"Wait, what? You mean the Knott Yetis are no longer endangered?"


"So those giant, carnivorous predators have returned to the Mountain?"

"Yup, here comes one now." You say.

"Dude, you've got to get me out of these chains. I mean, right now. C'mon, help me... and help the planet."

Help the hippy

You start to untangle the hippy's chains, which takes longer than it should because he insists you not hurt the bark of the tree to which he's chained. You finally get him down to just a pair of handcuffs and he slips off his mittens and pulls his hands through them. He runs off, shrieking like a little girl, and you pocket the mittens.

Mittens.gifYou acquire an item: eXtreme mittens

Let irony take its course

You decide the hippy needs to get more in touch with nature and wander off to snowboard for a while. You come back an hour later and find the hippy, the chains, and the tree he was chained to are gone. You see his scarf high in a nearby tree and cast a quick spell to knock it down.

Scarf.gifYou acquire an item: eXtreme scarf

Negotiate his release

"So," you say. "I hear the Knott Yeti can skeletonize a cow in just under 60 seconds. You really don't want to be here when he shows up. I'd say getting out of those chains would be worth... oh... about 200 meat." The hippy starts to argue, but stops when he hears an earth-shattering roar from just over the hill.

Meat.gifYou gain 200 Meat.

Occurs at The eXtreme Slope.


  • The quote "the Knott Yeti can skeletonize a cow in just under 60 seconds" is eerily similar to identical claims made about the piranha.
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