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Is there a pattern to the monsters?

Yearbook Club Camera
Yearbook Club Camera

This is one of the cameras that belong to the club one step below the AV Club on the social scale: the Yearbook Club. Still, it's a pretty nice camera. Probably takes good pictures.

The Yearbook Club has asked you to photograph a <monster name>.

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Has No Fancy Accessories
Is Boring

(In-game plural: Yearbook Club Cameras)
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Item number: 6678
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Obtained From

KoL High School
Saved by the Bell


  • This item is available only during a special challenge path. It will be removed from your inventory when you leave the path by either dropping it or ascending, but will persist if the prism is broken.
  • The Yearbook Club will ask you to take a photograph of a monster. They can ask for literally any monster you can encounter with your current unlocked zones / items. This requires wearing the camera into combat and defeating the monster. Revisiting the Yearbook Club the next day upgrades the camera and asks you for another photograph.
  • Upgrades:
    • 1:2 Macro Lens: +5 Muscle
    • 28mm Wide Angle Lens: +5 Mysticality
    • 200mm Telephoto Lens: +5 Moxie
  • The following upgrades replace the previous ones:
    • 1:1 Macro Lens: +10 Muscle
    • 24mm Wide Angle Lens: +10 Mysticality
    • 400mm Telephoto Lens: +10 Moxie
  • Also, the following upgrades replace the previous ones:
    • 2:1 Macro Lens: +15 Muscle
    • 20mm Wide Angle Lens: +15 Mysticality
    • 800mm Telephoto Lens: +15 Moxie
  • Then new upgrades are added:
    • Padded Grip: +20 Maximum HP
    • Padded Strap: +10 Maximum MP
    • Tripod: Regenerate 4-5 HP per Adventure
    • Extra Batteries: Regenerate 2-3 MP per Adventure
    • Cable Release: +5 Adventures per Day
    • Tilt/Shift Lens: +5 PvP Fights per Day
    • Leather Case: Damage Reduction: 5
    • Polarizing Filter: +1 Prismatic Damage
    • High Speed Shutter: +10% Combat Initiative
    • Improved Light Meter: +20% Meat Drops
    • Improved Viewfinder: +10% Item Drops
    • High Speed Blinding Flash: Bright!
  • Fully upgrading your camera (21 upgrades) makes you eligible for the Ansel Adams Jr. trophy.
  • Messages when taking a picture:
    You click a picture of an <monster>, then insist on a "smize" and a "booty tooch" before you take another one.
    You try to adjust the focus and mess with the shutter speed, but then you figure it'll be a picture of a(n) <monster> no matter what, so you click away.
    You try to take a picture, realize you have the lens cap on, the flash off, and no film loaded, so you fix all that and then take a picture of an <monster>.
    You painstakingly adjust the focus on your camera, then as you take the picture, it re-adjusts it for you to get a blurry image of a <monster>.
    Your camera's shutter clicks as it manually transfers an image of a <monster> onto film using light-reactive chemicals. What ancient sorcery is this?
    You take a picture of a <monster>. Then you take the lens cap off and take it again.
    You set the shutter speed on the camera, but it figures it knows more about shutter speeds than you do, and helps you take a blurry picture of a <monster>.
    Your camera whirs and beeps as it takes a picture of a <monster>.
    You try to take a picture of a <monster>, replace the batteries, manually advance the film to the next image, then finally take a picture
    You say, "give me sexy, pouty, now angry! angry! now melancholy!" and snap several pictures of a <monster>.
    Camera flashes
    A monster caught on the film
    Back to yearbook club.
  • Each ascension, if at least one upgrade has been made to the camera, one (and only one) upgrade will be kept for later ascensions. This applies even if you drop the KOLHS path before you free the king or jump the gash.


  • The message about a "smize" and a "booty tooch", is a reference to America's Next Top Model, in which the host of the show demonstrates both of these actions. A smize is smiling with ones eyes, while a booty tooch involves arching ones back and pumping up ones bottom to make it appear larger.