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yak whip
yak whip

This is not a delicious nondairy dessert topping made of yak, but a whip made of yak skin. It's specially designed to leave painful welts on whatever you hit it with. Whatever with which you hit it. Hey, y'know what happens to the grammar police, 'round these parts? They get hit with this whip.

Type: weapon (1-handed whip)
Damage: 2 - 4
Selling Price: 141 Meat.

Successful hit weakens opponent.

(In-game plural: yak whips)
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Item number: 1031
Description ID: 666189350
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Club.gif whip kit yak skin
Equals.gif yak whip


You deliver a healthy yak smack to <it> for X damage. WHAMMO! ZOT! BAM!
You get tired of <it> talking back, and smack <it> with your yak whip for X damage. BOINK! SPLAT! BIFF!

after successful attack

Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 1-3
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 1-3


  • The second hit message is a reference to the song "Yakety Yak", which has the lyrics: "Yakety yak, Don't talk back."

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