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yak anorak
yak anorak

This is a heavy hooded jacket made of yak hide, perfect for keeping you warm while you're waiting to spot Seaside Town's train -- which is assumed to exist because of the track, even though no one has ever seen it. Seaside Town's trainspotting community are extremely patient (and extremely lonely) people.

Type: shirt
Power: 115
Muscle Required: 42
Selling Price: 120 Meat.

Regenerate 3-4 MP per adventure

(In-game plural: yak anoraks)
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Item number: 2488
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Hatpants.gif shirt kit yak skin
Equals.gif yak anorak


  • An anorak is a hooded pullover jacket originally made of fur and worn in the arctic, now made of any weather-resistant fabric (from the Inuit annoraaq). Anorak is also a slang term in Britain which refers to train spotters, and other geeky types in general, who are supposedly partial to wearing anoraks (the coats).
  • Anorak is the French and Dutch word for "winter coat," as well as an alternative word for coat in German.

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