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"Xeno" redirects here. Not to be confused with the Li'l Xenomorph familiar.

Xenophobe (#46205) is a former member of the Kingdom of Loathing's developer team. He doesn't want your valentines. It is said that Xenophobe became the shamed owner of an especially homoerotic frat-paddle when he mocked Jick about being a hippy. Xenophobe has always strongly denied this.

He occasionally joined Jick on his Thursday night Radio KoL radio show. Xenophobe was also known for his strange eating habits; at one point, his favorite food (shown on his player profile) was the Stainless steel scarf, and his favorite booze was Asbestos ore. Xenophobe commented on the March 23, 2006, radio show, "I had to switch my diet up from eXtreme scarves to stainless steel scarves because I was having a manganese deficiency. Also, all the fiber was making it hard to poop. So now I'm eating stainless steel scarves... if I don't get the manganese I get goiters." Later, however, his favorite food and booze began changing on a regular basis to random bizarre items. (Xenophobe stated on KolMohDee's September 17, 2006, radio show that he has written code such that his favorite food and booze are randomly selected from the database at regular intervals.)

Xenophobe was the leader of Ω (pronounced 'Omega'), a clan consisting entirely of himself, Erathia (#854722), Eladmarin (#1078716), and a series of players named Devster1, Devster2, Devster3, Devster4, Devster5, Devster6, Devster7, Devster8, Devster9 and Devster10. (If you attempt to view the player profiles of any of the Devsters, you will receive the message "Sorry... the Devsters are not meant for mortal eyes.")

Xenophobe's profile used to read "Xenophobe is beyond... your mortal ken."

A xenophobe is a person who is afraid of foreigners, extraterrestrials, or other people in general.

The image for Xenophobe's character is animated – everything except its eyes will disappear and reappear once every 5 minutes.

Since the summer of 2005, Xenophobe has also been known as Greta, especially when being teased by Mr. Skullhead. This is A Naked Jew's fault. Unlike Pimonkey, ANJ is not sorry.

One of Xenophobe's custom titles is "Glory of Arioch", which is the title you receive on being crowned as chaotic in NetHack, a game at which he is known to excel.

  • Players cannot buff Xenophobe. Attempting to do so results in the message, "Xenophobe doesn't want your buff."
  • Attempting to use a roll of toilet paper, a foam dart, or a cream pie on Xenophobe will only show the message, "Not to me".
  • Players also cannot send gifts to Xenophobe. Attempting to do so results in "Xenophobe doesn't want your gift."
  • If you try and access his store ("Test Store") you will receive a page saying "Xenophobe's store is off-limits."
  • Players used not to be able to send Valentines to Xenophobe. Attempting to do so yielded the message, "Xenophobe doesn't want your Valentine. (Nice try, smartass.)" As of Valentine's Day XXVI this is no longer the case.
  • Xenophobe cannot be added to a clan whitelist. Attempting to do so yields the message "Xenophobe doesn't want to be on your clan's whitelist."

On September 9th, 2008, the following message appeared as a header on Xenophobe's player page.

Xenophobe no longer works for Asymmetric Publications. If, for some reason, you wish to contact Xenophobe about a non-Kingdom matter (perhaps a job offer? :) ) send an email to xenophobe46205@gmail.com.

According to a forum post by Jick, Xenophobe resigned on September 8th, 2008.