Wrath of the Capsaician Pastalords

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Wrath of the Capsaician Pastalords
Wrath of the Capsaician Pastalords

The bowl of this rune-etched mithril pasta spoon swirls with a fiery red vortex that connects the mortal plane to the burning heart of Capsaicia, the dimension from which all face-meltingly powerful spices originate. By redirecting their pasta-summoning energies through this gateway, a pastamancer can create a gout of netherfire-enriched noodles powerful enough to send even the hardiest of foes into writhing paroxysms of agony.

Please don't lick the spoon afterwards.

Type: weapon (1-handed utensil)
Damage: 20 - 40
Mysticality Required: 60
Outfit: Legendary Regalia of the Pasta Master
  (4 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Mysticality +15
+50% Food Drops from Monsters
Combat Initiative +40%
Special Attack: Noodles of Fire

(Bonus for Pastamancers only)

(In-game plural: Wraths of the Capsaician Pastalords)
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Obtained From


  • In combat, when this weapon is equipped and a Pasta Guardian was summoned:
Your Wrath of the Capsaician Pastalords gets warmer in your hand.
  • When you wielded this weapon and summoned a Pasta Guardian, back when they still existed, your opponent was stunned for that round.

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