Wouldn't You Like to be a Pickle Too?

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Wouldn't You Like to be a Pickle Too?
Wouldn't You Like to be a Pickle Too?

As you wander the pickle factory, you finally find the room where the pickles are put into jars for their long trip to the supermarket. You pick up a jar to examine it, and it speaks to you! You almost drop it in shock, but quickly recover.

"Greeeeetings," it says. "I am the ghoooooost of a pickle factory wooooorker... I came back as a bag of grooooceries, but this jar of pickles is all that remaaaaains."

You check the expiration date stamped on the jar and see that it expired many, many years ago. You put the jar down, ignoring the spectral moaning, and grab a pickle from a different jar.

You suddenly feel less lucky.

Pickle.gifYou acquire an item: spectral pickle

Occurs at The Spectral Pickle Factory (while Lucky!).


  • The They Might Be Giants song "Dead" includes the lyric "I came back as a bag of groceries," as well as other lines about expiration dates.
  • The adventure title is a reference to an old Dr Pepper commercial slogan.