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The diabolic pizza cube and cold medicine cabinet are not currently considered in this article.(As of May 2022)
Your Workshed can be a very useful aid during your next Ascension, given you prepared it with the right item for the job.

Choosing the right item

Since the number of available items is pretty manageable right now, your choice can be reduced to a flow chart.

Requirements Item used
Do you own a Asdon Martin keyfob, and will you be unable to consume food or booze on your Path? If so, consider this item. This is optimal for License to Adventure run. Asdonfob.gif Asdon Martin keyfob
Do you own a portable Mayo Clinic, and will you be able to consume food? If so, is your current turn-generation plan either much higher than necessary to make your daycount target, or just barely not high enough? Alternately, are you going into a run where turn generation will be completely irrelevant, such as Slow and Steady? Mayocase.gif portable Mayo Clinic
Do you own a Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab? Genelab.gif Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab
Do you own a Garden that will be accessible during your next ascension? Snowmachine.gif snow machine
Will you not have access to friendly Degrassi Knoll? Wbanvil.gif warbear auto-anvil
Will you be able to consume food? Wboven.gif warbear induction oven
Will you be able to consume booze? Wbstill.gif warbear high-efficiency still
Do you have the Pulverize skill either permed or available much earlier than usual (BIG!, CA2, ...)? Wbdrillpress.gif warbear jackhammer drill press
Will the Advanced Saucecrafting skill be accessible during your next ascension? Wbchemset.gif warbear chemistry lab
Will you be in a BIG! ascension, as an AT, with some of those songs permed that you can record? Wblprom.gif warbear LP-ROM burner
You're not giving me much to work with here... Spinningwheel thumb.gif spinning wheel

Asdon Martin Keyfob

  • If your turn generation is limited in a path that cannot consider food or booze, consider this. The car converts food and booze into Fuel that can be used for buffs
  • In Hardcore, the buffs that are probably most useful are +/- combat frequency, item drops, and ML.
  • The buffs don't last long versus some other mechanics, they are 30 turns each. This can be seen as a strength or a drawback. However, there is no known limit on the amount of food/booze you can put into the car.
    • For low skill runs, consider the +item enchantment. It helps get many of the early and late-game quests done much easier
    • For high skill runs, the +ML can really help you level faster. In either case, the -combat helps many quests go faster.
  • The Missile Launcher is similar to a yellow ray, though it's limited to one use per day instead of causing Everything Looks Yellow.
  • In Aftercore, there is virtually no limit to how much Fuel and therefore how many buffs you can get per day.
  • Each turn that would be gained from eating the food is converted to 1 Fuel. 37 fuel powers a 30 turn buff.
  • See below for a full list of buffs, and remember you can only have one at time. Only PvP-stealable items that cannot be directly bought from NPC stores are eligible for fuel conversion.
    • Driving Obnoxiously: +10% Combat Frequency
    • Driving Stealthily: -10% Combat Frequency
    • Driving Wastefully: Reduces pressure at Oil Peak.
    • Driving Safely: +50 Damage Absorption, +10 Damage Reduction, +1 Resistance to All Elements
    • Driving Recklessly: +25 Monster Level
    • Driving Quickly: +50% Initiative
    • Driving Intimidatingly: -25 Monster Level
    • Driving Observantly: 50% Item Drops, +50% Booze Drops, +50% Meat Drops
    • Driving Waterproofly: Underwater breathing, reduces underwater pressure penalty by 10%, familiar can breathe underwater

The Mayo Clinic

  • If your turn generation is much higher than necessary, use Mayonex to gain blood-mayo instead of Adventures, and use the extra blood-mayo to fuel yellow rays from a mayo lance. How much Mayonex to use depends on just how much extra turngen you have to work with.
  • If you are in Slow and Steady, you can fill your Mayo Minder™ with Mayonex and be done with it. The sphygmayomanometer can be used to boost your stats, if you are confident you won't need more than one yellow ray that day.
  • If your turn generation is too low, it gets fiddly.
    • Mayodiol converts 1 fullness into 1 drunkenness, after you've completely eaten the food. This helps because food tends to be better turngen than booze, but it does depend on what's available to you.
    • Mayostat produces 1-fullness mayoluses of the same quality as the food you eat, which helps you stretch your EPIC-quality food such as the grue egg omelette, but is useful only in the narrow case that you have some high-quality food yet not enough to cover your entire diet. Note that 1-fullness foods, such as those from Semi-Rare Adventures, do not work with Mayostat.
    • Mayoflex simply adds +1 adventure to whatever you eat. This is, naturally, most effective on 1-fullness foods. Such as mayoluses. Micromanagement ahoy!
  • In all cases, you might find it helpful to use Mayozapine to double the length of a food's effect. Manually-used mayonnaise will override the Minder's setting, so you don't need to fiddle with that between meals.

Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab

Players with a Deck of Every Card can use its [cheat] function to fight a monster of a phylum of their choice.



Strategic advice

Some items are rather straightforward, but some require extra consideration when you plan your day.

  • Asdon Martin keyfob – At the beginning or end of a day, consider what food or booze you will not eat, and convert them to fuel. They can then be converted for extra buffs for the Tower registration or quests, or for a yellow ray once per day.
  • Snow machine – The details for this option are already discussed elsewhere. Just harvest your garden every day, since the extra items from the snow machine don't carry over to the next day.
  • Warbear induction oven – Only the first item you cook per day will be doubled, after that your chances are 5% for each cooked food item.
  • Warbear jackhammer drill press – Your chances for getting an antimatter wad from this are 1%, so pulverize everything you don't need if it has the chance of yielding a wad.
  • Warbear chemistry lab – The more potions you cook up, the better your chances for the additional potions become. If you want to have any real benefit from this a chef-in-the-box is mandatory, and permed The Way of Sauce highly recommended.
  • Warbear LP-ROM burner – To get Rolando's you'll have to record plenty of extra songs, so you should be able to generate and store large amounts of MP. Inigo's makes a good choice and would be pretty much your only choice as a non-AT, if you're not planning on wasting karma on Donho's – which should be rather invested into Pulverize...

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