Working in the Lab, Late One Night

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Working in the Lab, Late One Night
Working in the Lab, Late One Night

The laboratory is filled with archaic scientific equipment and machinery of unknown origin and purpose. Strange chemical smells fill the air.

The room is dominated by a massive contraption with a sign on it reading "The Machine." The period there isn't on the sign, it's just there inside the quotes, because grammar is stupid.

A shelf near a window is laden with jars, each containing a preserved brain.

A massive gas-powered spotlight, trained on the nearby forest, sits darkly on its perch near an open window.

Next to The Machine is another machine. This one isn't capitalized, but your years of extensive cocktail training allow you to recognize it as a still.

Turn on the lamp
You light the gaslight, and are nearly blinded by the beam that spikes out of it toward the forest. The shrieking of terrified bugbears fills the air.

(Fewer bugbears will appear in the forest now)

Examine the brains in jars
You go to look at the first brain on the shelf, and trip, causing the entire shelf to collapse, and most of the brain jars to fall out the window. You look down and see a conga line of zombies marching from the village to the site of your accident...

(Fewer zombies will appear in the village now)

Approach The Machine

Without a skull capacitor:

You approach The Machine, but it is silent. Maybe you should call The Repairman. Ha ha, no, there's nobody alive that knows how to fix this thing.

Once fixed: Go to The Machine.

If you are a Moxie class:

Use the still

With a blood kiwi and eau de mort:

You see a scrap of paper near the still with an intriguing cocktail recipe on it. You just happen to have a blood kiwi and a bottle of eau de mort, so you whip one up.

Well, it takes like four hours, so it's not exactly whippy, but still. The still. Is what you use to make a cocktail.
Martini.gifYou acquire an item: bloody kiwitini


You approach the still, and see a scrap of paper on the bench next to it. The paper is a cocktail recipe, but since you don't have a blood kiwi and a bottle of eau de mort, you can't make the cocktail. Oh well.

Leave the lab
You don't want any of this science. You're afraid you might go blind.

Occurs at Tower Most Tall in Dreadsylvanian Castle.


  • Approaching the Machine with a skull capacitor automatically fixes the machine (much like the dread keys automatically unlock doors) and does not end the choice adventure.