Wonderful Winifred Wongle

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Wonderful Winifred Wongle
Monster ID 1132
Locations The Maelstrom of Lovers
Hit Points 75% of Monster Defense
Attack Player's Moxie+2 (min 10, max 150)
Defense Player's Muscle+2 (min 10, max 150)
Initiative 50
Meat None
Phylum undead
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso
jar full of wind, jar full of wind, Winifred's whistle
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Wonderful Winifred Wongle You're fighting Wonderful Winifred Wongle

A moment of silence for Wonderful Winnie,
Whose shirts were all micro and skirts were all mini.
Who never would pass up a spongler to bongle,
So cheerful and friendly was Winifred Wongle!
Oh, the tricks she could do to a Shivering Floop!
With a boop and a hoop she could scroop a Floop Troop!
So she thinks with warm fondness on those she made grin
As she floats and she flaps and she flies on the wind.

Hit Message(s):

She zooples your doople, which isn't unpleasant,
But then you get pecked in the face by a pheasant.
Ow! Ooh! Argh! Eek!

She plops on your lap and she kisses your sprongly,
You're too nice to tell her she's doing it wrongly.
Argh! Ow! Ow! Oof! (sleaze damage)

She makes an attempt to findumble your kittle,
But squeezes your joop and it hurts not a little.
Ugh! Eek! Argh! Ugh! (sleaze damage)

Critical Hit Message:

She frumples your lumps while she hoobers your noober,
You're too stunned to talk and stand there like a goober.

Miss Message(s):

She asks if you'd like your porsnipperies fripped,
But you kindly decline such a frip of porsnip.

She asks if you'd like a quick gnorkle or brap,
You tell her, "no thanks, please get off of my lap."

She tries to findumble your kittle, but misses,
And stands a few feet off from you and blows kisses.

She blows you a kiss, which you catch in your hand,
But further advances from her, you withstand.

Fumble Message:

She floats away, borne on the maelstrom's strong gale
You try to find something to do, but you fail. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Windjar.gifYou acquire an item: jar full of wind (80% chance)*
Windjar.gifYou acquire an item: jar full of wind (2% chance)*
Whistle.gifYou acquire an item: Winifred's whistle (1% chance)*

Occurs at The Maelstrom of Lovers.