Witty rapier

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witty rapier
witty rapier

This is a sword of swords and a sword of words, mightier even than the pen. Its timely attacks will ensure that your foe is always late. Fear no bad apple when you've got this sword, for it strikes to the very core of any corps, leaving you the unspoiled victor.

Type: weapon (1-handed sword)
Damage: 15 - 30
Muscle Required: 60
Selling Price: 155 Meat.

+2 Mysticality Stat(s) Per Fight

(In-game plural: witty rapiers)
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Item number: 2977
Description ID: 891716670
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Obtained From

The Poop Deck
witty pirate


You hook <it> and slice <it> with your witty rapier for an above-par X damage. WHACK! BOINK! WHAM!
You take a stab at taking a stab at <it>, dealing X damage. ZOT! BOOF! BONK!
You cut to the heart of the matter -- the matter that makes up <its> body, to be specific. You do X damage. KAPOW! WHAM! KERBLAM!
You charm <it> with your rapier wit, then slash <it> with your witty rapier for X damage. KERBLAM! KERBLAM! BONK!
Your attacks are a cut above, and a cut below, and <its> cut of the proceeds is X damage. BIFF! BONK! BOOF!
You follow up some cutting remarks with some plain-old-fashioned cutting, doing X damage. BOINK! ZAP! BIFF!


  • Its name is a nod to "rapier wit," as in, "I've been slashed open by your rapier wit."
  • The first sentence of the item description refers to the adage "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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