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This jar contains a windicle, which scientists have determined is the smallest meaningful amount of wind.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 10 Meat.

Blows the man down

(In-game plural: windicles)
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Item number: 10209
Description ID: 704440940
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Obtained From

Strong wind

When Used

  • In PirateRealm:
Pr windicle.gif
You release the windicle from its jar. Your foe is blown clear of the island, along with several other nearby enemies.
  • When used a second time on the same island:
Pr windicle.gif
You've already scoured this island with wind.
  • Used anywhere other than PirateRealm:
Pr windicle.gif
This item can only be used in PirateRealm.


  • When used on a PirateRealm island, runs away without costing an adventure and decreases the number of fights on the current island by 3. Can only be used once per island.

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