Why Is the World In Love Again?

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Why Is the World In Love Again?
Why Is the World In Love Again?

You lie in your campground with your eyes closed, listening to the pitter-patter of rain. Man, that rain-sounds generator you bought really makes for a serene sleeping experience. It's so realistic, you can almost feel the raindrops hitting your skin, soaking you to the bone. It's almost like you're lying in a puddle instead of on the dry ground, and that puddle's getting deeper until you're floating...

KRAKOOM! There's a huge clap of thunder and a flash of lightning sears the inside of your eyelids. You open your eyes. Oh. This isn't...oh. You sit up and sink up to your neck in the puddle you were sleeping in. Rain pounds down from the sky and bubbles up from the ground all around you. It's not the kind of rain you're supposed to sing in--it's the kind of rain that makes you wish you'd spent the last year building an ark. If you keep sleeping here, you're going to wake up a waterlogged corpse.

Head Out

You grab a sopping-wet towel, try to dry yourself off a bit, then head out to see what's left of the Kingdom.

  • On other than your first Heavy Rains run:

Some interesting-looking stuff floats past, and you grab it.

Milkcarton.gifYou acquire 0-3 lightning milks
Realbrain.gifYou acquire 0-3 aquaconda brains
Thunderthigh.gifYou acquire 0-3 thunder thighs

If you own a set of Thor's Pliers:

Thorpliers.gifYou acquire an item: Thor's Pliers

Occurs upon starting the Heavy Rains challenge path.


  • The number of skill granting items is dependent on prior Heavy Rains runs.
    • Each type of skill granting item has a counter (with a maximum of 3) to determine how many of them you get at the start of a run.
    • The game will increment the counter associated with that you most heavily invested in the prior run. For example, if you learned 5 Thunder skills, and fewer than 5 Rain or Lightning skills, you will earn an extra thunder thigh.
    • In the case that the counter is maximized, it will grant you the second most heavily invested skill in a run but only if you invested in multiple trees.
    • And if by chance, you've maxed out two counters, the final counter will increment but only if you invested in the third tree.
    • In the case of a tiebreaker, a random choice will be made.
    • If no Heavy Rains skills were learned in the prior run, no items will be aquired.
  • These counters (obviously) do not reset on ascension and are permanent.
  • If you had more than one pair of Thor's Pliers in Hagnk's, all of them will be pulled.