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white pixel
white pixel

This strange object appears to be a white dot, which could not, no matter how hard you tried, be separated into any smaller pieces. Curious.

Selling Price: 25 Meat.

(In-game plural: white pixels)
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Item number: 459
Description ID: 603807622
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Obtained From

bass clarinet (10)
blue shell (1-3)
digital key lime pie (8-10)
Powerful Glove (sometimes)
Hero's Field
The Fungus Plains
Blooper (3)
Buzzy Beetle
Koopa Troopa
Tackle Fire
Vanya's Castle
ghost (5)
medusa (2)
Vanya's Castle Foyer
ghost (5)
medusa (2)
Anger Man's Level
frustrating knight
rage flame
ticking time bomb
Doubt Man's Level
judgmental eye
reproachful heart
work hat
Fear Man's Level
animated possessions
morbid skull (5)
natural spider
Regret Man's Level
ancient ghost (2)
lovesick ghost
Kingdom of Exploathing (challenge path)
invader bullet (4)
the invader (10)


Pixel3.gif red pixel green pixel blue pixel
Equals.gif white pixel




  • The recipe for white pixels (red pixel, blue pixel, green pixel) refers to the fact that these are the three additive primary colors. When emitted light of these three types is combined, white light is created. This is the opposite of the three subtractive primary colors, magenta, cyan and yellow, whose combined reflected light's wavelengths theoretically cancel out, forming black. In practice, this is not actually the case, and when subtractive colors are used to create colors (as in color printing), a fourth "black" color is typically used as well. See also white for more information on the color white and pixel for more information on pixels, which are single points in a graphic image.


  • Prior to January 8, 2013, this item had a different image: Whitepix.gif
  • Prior to the 8-Bit Realm revamp on January 20, 2023, 30 of these could be used to make a digital key.


Slash.gif black pixel | blue pixel | green pixel | red pixel | white pixel


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