White picket fences

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
white picket fences

White picket fences were furnishings located at your Campground.

When "Used"

This fence makes your campsite more idyllic. You'll recover an additional 1 MP per yard each time you rest, and anybody who attacks you will find that their Mysticality doesn't work as well as it normally does.


  • Deprecated as of May, 16 2012.
  • Was obtained by using a white picket fence (each fence used will add one to your campsite total).
  • You may have up to nine white picket fences at your campsite.
  • White picket fences restored an extra 1 MP per fence when resting.
  • White picket fences reduced the Mysticality of players who attack you in PvP.
  • Upon ascension, your white picket fences were lost and had to be re-obtained in your next incarnation.

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