Where the Weather is Very Very Damp

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Where the Weather is Very Very Damp
Where the Weather is Very Very Damp

It would basically be redundant to say that this swamp -- "Le Dègueulasse Marais", Marty called it -- is a terrible place, because swamps are terrible pretty much by definition. It's hot, and humid, and full of mud and quicksand and mosquitoes and alligators, and probably at least four different ways to get poisoned or contract some terrible rotting disease.

Why do you let people talk you into things like this?

A strip of grass meanders into the swamp, forming more or less a path. Or rather, less or even less. You pick up a long stick and use it to poke the ground in front of you as you walk, so as not to fall into a bottomless mudhole. As thick as the air is already, though, you're not sure you'd notice much of a difference.

Occurs at The Edge of the Swamp (a one-time adventure).


  • The adventure title is a reference to a set of variant lyrics for The Stars and Stripes Forever, specifically the part, "Be kind to your friends in the swamp, where the weather is very very damp."