Wheel in the Pyramid, Keep on Turning

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Wheel in the Pyramid, Keep on Turning
Wheel in the Pyramid, Keep on Turning
  • Initial visit:
You manage to avoid the monsters long enough to make it to the far side of the chamber. On the wall, you notice a curious diagram among the hieroglyphics, and beneath it, a wooden post that seems to be exactly the same size and shape as the hole in that wheel you found upstairs. How convenient!
You put the wheel on the post, and as you suspected, it fits perfectly. Now what?
  • Subsequent Visits:
You fight your way across the chamber, back to the place where you put that wooden wheel on that wooden post.
Now what?

Turn the wheel

You give the wheel a mighty turn. It clicks, and the floor of the chamber rumbles as though some great weight was shifting beneath you.

Leave the wheel alone

You ignore the wheel in favor of some unspecified non-wheel activity.

  • Does not expend an adventure.

Occurs at The Middle Chamber after the carved wooden wheel has been found.



  • The quest name is probably a reference to the Journey song "Wheel in the Sky" where in the song it says "Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'." This is the second time this reference has been used, the first being Wheel in the Clouds in the Sky, Keep On Turning.
  • This puzzle is possibly a reference to a similar puzzle from the game Riven.
  • The shape of the room, constant turning and blue bomb could be references to the final puzzle before facing the boss in the Forest Temple in the Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.