What Lies Beneath (the Cabin)

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What Lies Beneath (the Cabin)
What Lies Beneath (the Cabin)

The cabin's basement is, like most basements, disorganized and full of random, dusty junk. There are piles of old newspapers everywhere. Atop one of the piles is a book with the word "DIARY" written on the cover in old-timey script.

A small mahogany lockbox sits on the floor in a darkened corner.

Look through the newspapers
You read through the old newspapers. Apparently before all these monsters showed up, literally nothing interesting ever happened here.

You do find out that a few years ago, they instituted a newspaper recycling program at the Terrified Eagle Inn, so you grab a big stack of papers and go turn them in. Score!
Dv krueggerand.gifYou acquire 5-7 Freddy Kruegerands

If 10 players have already looted this choice:

The only newspapers left in here are so old and boring that they're not even worth recycling.

Read diary
You read the diary of the cabin's former owner. The events it recounts are so mundane, so run-of-the-mill, so... boring, that you are filled with existential dread just thinking about them.
Book3.gifYou acquire an effect: Bored Stiff
(duration: 100 Adventures)

Check out the lockbox
You pick up the lockbox and find that, true to its name, it is locked. Furthermore, the lock itself looks extremely complicated -- lots of little gears and flanges and cogs and stuff in there. Hmm.

If you have a replica key:

You use the extremely complicated key to open the extremely complicated lock on the lockbox. Inside the box you find a badge labeled "Official Dreadsylvania Auditor."

Man. All that trouble to protect something so boring.

Dv badge.gifYou acquire an item: Dreadsylvania Auditor's badge

If you have a key but someone else already got the badge this instance:

You open the lockbox and find it empty. Looks like one of your clanmates already got whatever was inside it.

Stick a wax banana in the lock
You roll the wax banana around in your hands until it's nice and soft, then you jam it into the lock. You pull out a perfect wax replica of the extremely complicated mechanism inside.
Dv impression.gifYou acquire an item: complicated lock impression

Climb back up
Screw this basement. You head back up the stairs into the cabin's main room.

Occurs in The Cabin in the Dreadsylvanian Woods in Dreadsylvanian Woods.