What Are The Odds!?

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What Are The Odds!?

What Are The Odds!?

You flipped a coin and it landed on its edge. What are the chances of that?

50/50. It either happens or it doesn't.

All item drop rolls will be 50%

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Effect number: 2320
Description ID: 08765fc624c117eafc6849d5e1997099
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  • Item drop rate is normally determined by taking the base drop %, adjusting for your +item % (i.e., if the base drop rate is 20%, and you have +100% item drop, 20% + (20% x 100%) = 40% adjusted drop rate), and comparing that against a randomly generated (1 - 100) roll. If you've reached a 40% adjusted drop rate and the internal random roll is lower than 40, you get the item; if it's higher, you don't. This sets that internal roll to always be 50.
  • When used in conjunction with the talking spade, it is possible to find the exact drop rate of nearly any item.
  • This effect is also very useful when fighting a large number of Eldritch Tentacles without using a turn. With a high Item boost, you can guarantee multiple effluvium each combat, and the buff will not run out due to the free nature of the combats.
  • Does not apply to combats resulting from Macrometeorite.