What's Yours is Yours

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What's Yours is Yours
What's Yours is Yours

You find yourself at the end of the mine. There's a bunch of rusty old equipment scattered around a cart piled high with Rubees, and also a shiny chunk of ore jutting tantalizingly out of the fake rock wall.

Raid the Rubee cart

You accidentally knock the cart over, and it takes you nearly an hour to pick up all the loose Rubees. Your G. E. M. beeps.

Megagem.gifYou acquire 20-30 Rubees™

Mine the ore [with LyleCo premium pickaxe]

You dislodge the ore from the mine's wall. It takes way longer than you expected. Your G. E. M. beeps as you finally manage to knock the chunk loose.

Dragonore.gifYou acquire an item: dragon aluminum ore

Look through the mining equipment

You spend an hour digging through the rusty old equipment -- the only thing even remotely valuable you find is a fuel can with the word RUM written on the side of it.

Gascan.gifYou acquire an item: grolblin rum

Leave for now

You'll come back to this later.

Occurs at The Old Rubee Mine.