Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back!
Welcome Back!

You hear a voice right by your ear say, "[player name] . . . use the Force, [player name]." You look over and see your llama lama, floating translucent just to the left of your head.

If your Llama Lama is with you:

Which is weird, because he's also sitting lotus-style at your feet. The whole 'astral projection' thing seems a little gimmicky, when you get right down to it.

If your Llama Lama is in your terrarium, or if you don't have one:

Which is weird, because you'd swear you left him in your terrarium. You hope your other familiars don't draw on him with a marker while he's astral projecting.
Talk to the Llama
Talk to the hand (which is also the Llama)

As a Cockroach

The llama regards you serenely. "So," he says, "you have lived the nasty, brutish, and short life of a cockroach. Let us see what you have learned." He rolls his eyes back into his head for a minute, then looks deep into your eyes.

you were trapped:
"I see you have died by falling into a trap! I trust you have learned that even the cockroach, the most hardy of creatures, is fragile at heart."

Bars.gifYou acquire an effect: Ack! Barred!
(duration: 20 Adventures)

you were poisoned:
"I see you have died by ingesting poison! I hope you have learned the mysterious workings of chemicals and how they can heal or hurt you."

Potion2.gifYou acquire an effect: Alchemical, Brother
(duration: 20 Adventures)

you exploded:
"I see you have died in a fiery explosion! I am sure that the fire of your past life will fuel you in your present one."

Light.gifYou acquire an effect: Radiant Personality
(duration: 20 Adventures)

you committed suicide:
"I see you have died by taking your own life! I am sure that practically anyone you met as a cockroach would have spared you the trouble. I hope that you have a deeper sense of your own self worth, a more resilient spirit, and a better understanding of the universe to help you in this life."

Exclam.gifYou acquire an effect: New, Improved
(duration: 20 Adventures)

you were crushed:
"I see you have died from being crushed, your fingers to dust! I trust that in this life, you will be more observant of your surroundings."

Eyes.gifYou acquire an effect: Extra Sensory Perception
(duration: 20 Adventures)

you were murdered:
"I see that in your cockroach life, you were murdered by those who should have been your friends!" The llama shakes his shaggy head gravely. "I am afraid that this karma will also plague you in your human life."

Sad.gifYou acquire an effect: Unpopular
(duration: 20 Adventures)

As a Mole

The llama regards you thoughtfully.

"I trust your adventures as a mole have taught you ways of thinking under, over, and through your problems."

As a Bird

The llama looks deep into your eyes, assessing you.

if the two special bird skills were used fifteen or more times:
"You exhibited the spirit of the mighty roc, learning that there is no problem that the judicious application of the tools at hand cannot solve. The tools at hand in this case were all violence, but it is a valuable lesson nonetheless."

Bigfeather.gifYou acquire an item: glimmering roc feather

if the Rise From Your Ashes skill was used five or more times:
"Ah, what better perspective on rebirth than that of the phoenix! May you continue to learn from your past experiences."

Bigfeather.gifYou acquire an item: glimmering phoenix feather

if the Antarctic Flap skill was used five or more times:
"You have learned a harsh truth about the world -- at times, it can be very cold. But take heart -- even in the coldness of the world there is wisdom!"

Bigfeather.gifYou acquire an item: glimmering penguin feather

if the Feast on Carrion skill was used five or more times:
"You have learned much, Adventurer. More than you could have learned spending ages poring over tomes of forgotten lore. Use your new knowledge as you continue on your path!"

Bigfeather.gifYou acquire an item: glimmering raven feather

if the The Statue Treatment skill was used five or more times:
"You have learned what the buzzard has long known -- that even in death, there is life!"

Bigfeather.gifYou acquire an item: glimmering buzzard feather

if the Give Your Opponent "The Bird" skill was used five or more times:
"You have... er... Rather, I..."

The llama blushes.

"Have this feather. Goodbye."

Bigfeather.gifYou acquire an item: glimmering great tit feather

"It appears that you didn't really take advantage of your birdness during that journey. How will you ever learn to see things from differing perspectives if you refuse to embrace them?"

Occurs after a llama lama gong wears off


  • Results of talking to the Llama depend on the choices made under the effects of a Llama lama gong. See the Path of the Roach, Path of the Mole, and Form of Bird pages for details.
  • This event does not cost an adventure.
  • This event occurs even if you are falling-down drunk.
  • In the case of Form of...Bird!, "Welcome Back!" occurs the first time a player tries to adventure after the bird effect ends. However, it will only be triggered when the player enters a zone that calls adventure.php, and will not be triggered if you are out of adventures. Adventuring in locations like the The Barrel full of Barrels or the Typical Tavern rats will temporarily prevent the appearance of this event.
  • Astral mushroom flashbacks take precedence over the Welcome Back! adventure.
  • For more information on how Welcome Back relates to other encounters, see Encounter.


  • "[Solitary, poor,] Nasty, brutish, and short," is a reference to the 17th century political philosopher Thomas Hobbes' description of what human life would be like if we lived in a state of nature.
  • "crushed, your fingers to dust!" is a paraphrase from the MC Frontalot collaboration with Kompressor, Rappers We Crush.
  • "Forgotten lore" is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.
  • "...taught you ways of thinking under, over, and through your problems." is a possible reference to the children's book Over, Under & Through, and Other Spatial Concepts