We're on a Bridge!

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We're on a Bridge!
We're on a Bridge!

You wander through the pleasant (relatively) suburbs of Pandemonium, trying to enjoy the sameness of the tract houses, the maze of cul-de-sacs, and the giant bitchin' SUVs in every driveway. You cross into a small park built for all the baby demons and imps to enjoy, and see a stream running through the park with a bridge across it. You know how you used to play the "hot lava" game when you were a kid? Well, in Hey Deze, the game's a little more literal and a lot more dangerous.

As you cross the bridge, you see a flash of purple in the corner of your eye. You stop and see a little plush unicorn stuck in between the slats of the bridge. On the bottom of one hoof, someone's written PROPRTY OF AZAZEL, complete with adorable backwards Z's. You brush the splinters off the hooves and take it with you.

Azunicorn.gifYou acquire an item: Azazel's unicorn

Formerly occurred at The Deep Fat Friars' Gate.



  • The name of the adventure, the unicorn and the splinters on the hooves are a reference to the internet video "Charlie the Unicorn".
  • The placement of Azazel's name and the backwards 'z' is a reference to the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story, in which the owner of two main characters marks the bottom of their feet with cute backwards letters.