Wax Flask

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Wax Flask
Wax Flask

You know those candies that are little wax 'bottles' filled with syrup? This is like that, only it's a little wax flask full of cheap scotch.

Type: potion
Effect: Over the Ocean (1 Adventure)+X Stats Per Fight
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Wax Flasks)
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Item number: 4745
Description ID: 693231946
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Obtained From

Anthony Raving, Billionaire Entrepreneur (Occurs with the Unblemished Uniform equipped)

When Used

You eat the wax flask and chew up the mixture of parrafin and cheap scotch. It tastes like peat moss, burning tires, and jet fuel.
Waxbottle.gifYou acquire an effect: Over the Ocean
(duration: 1 Adventure)


  • X is the number of turns of Over the Ocean remaining, divided by five and floored, capped at 100.




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