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Wave of Sauce

Wave of Sauce

Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: 16

This spell will conjure an immense wave of sauce, which will wash over your enemies and cleanse them from the face of the Cosmos.

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 6,500 Meat
Class: Sauceror
Level: 8
Effect: Deals (20-24)+((3*Mys)/10) damage, where Mys is your buffed Mysticality (which is capped at 100), and divisions are rounded down.
When Used:
You summon a Wave of (hot or cold) <Teriyaki Sauce>, which washes over your opponent for X damage.


  • The sauce in any casting of this spell is randomly either "hot" or "cold". "Hot" streams being the hot element, and "cold" streams naturally being the cold element.
  • Bonus damage to this spell is capped at +25.
  • If your additional spell damage exceeds the damage cap, and you are a Sauceror, then you will receive the message:
The sheer volume of sauce is overwhelming, and you can barely keep it under control. Some of it splashes back onto you.
Fire.gifYou acquire an effect: Burning Soul
(duration: 1 Adventure)
Iceberglet.gifYou acquire an effect: Soul Freeze
(duration: 1 Adventure)


  • This spell originally cost 23 MP to cast. During the Unexplained Tremors event, this spell underwent a series of cost reductions.
    • On July 23rd, 2009 the MP cost was reduced to 21 MP.
    • On July 29th, 2009 the MP cost was reduced to 18 MP.
    • On August 4th, 2009 the MP cost was reduced to 16 MP.
  • Was drastically changed on November 14, 2013. See the new version here.