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There are a number of watches in the game. Each watch gives +adventures if equipped during rollover. Only one watch can be equipped at a time; you cannot equip two of the same watch, and attempting to equip a different one in another slot will unequip any previously equipped watch.

Source Source Type Extra Turns Prereq
Counterclockwise Watch Accessory 10 None
Sasq™ watch Accessory 6 10 Mys
grandfather watch Accessory 6 200 Mys
dead guy's memento Accessory 5 200 Mys
Crimbolex watch Accessory 5 20 Mys
glow-in-the-dark wristwatch Accessory 3 None
imitation nice watch Accessory 3 35 Mys
wristwatch of the white knight Accessory 3 15 Mys
dead guy's watch Accessory 1 10 Mys


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