Warbear soda machine assembler

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warbear soda machine assembler
warbear soda machine assembler

This is a flat piece of warbear metal with an icon of a soda machine printed on it and a big red button.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: warbear soda machine assemblers)
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Item number: 7034
Description ID: 512081219
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Obtained From

warbear officer requisition box

When Used

First use:

You press the button. With a hum and an exhalation of frosty air, the assembler folds outwards into a miniature soda machine.
Wbsoda2.gifYou acquire an item: warbear soda machine

Subsequent uses:

You press the button, but nothing happens. It must somehow recognize you and know that you already have a warbear soda machine.


  • A warbear soda machine in Hagnk's will be detected as well when you use a assembler.


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