Warbear beeping telegram

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warbear beeping telegram
warbear beeping telegram

This appears to be some sort of strange electronic device that beeps. You're not sure what it all means!

Type: usable (self or others)
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: warbear beeping telegrams)
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Item number: 7040
Description ID: 621299563
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Obtained From

warbear requisition box

When Used

  • Starting to use:
Telegram Office
Send a telegram to (name or playerid)
[search players]
Select Message: [ drop down list of binary options ]

You have <N> more warbear beeping telegrams.
  • After selecting the message and player:
You select a message and send the beeping telegram on its way.
  • Recipient gets a K-Mail:
<Player> seems to have sent you a... strange beeping telegram?
00001001010111000000 10110000001101001000 10101011000000100000 00101111010111001100 00100000000010001010 11000000100011000100 01001000010111011010 10010101


  • Was used for the warbear beeping telegram puzzle.
  • Was solved about 5 hours after it was discovered. The link in the description (which was on "what it all means", and lead to hotstuffpuzzle.php) was removed, and going to it now says:
    Thanks for playing! Happy Crimbo!


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