Warbear accoutrements chunk

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warbear accoutrements chunk
warbear accoutrements chunk

This is a piece of warbear tech with wires trailing off it and various solder points to be soldered. It looks like it could make an array of accessories for the stylish warbear on-the-go.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: warbear accoutrements chunks)
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Item number: 6947
Description ID: 169714871
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Obtained From

warbear black box (50 warbear whosits)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Crimbo Town (2013)
K.R.A.M.P.U.S. facility
Outfitterbot (Level 1) (1)
Outfitterbot (Level 2) (3)
Outfitterbot (Level 3) (7)

When Used

  • Using 1:
You don't know what to make with one of these.
  • Using 9:
Wbscarf1.gifYou acquire an item: warbear warscarf
  • Using 10:
Wbbowtie1.gifYou acquire an item: warbear laser bowtie
  • Using 11:
Wbgoggles1.gifYou acquire an item: warbear goggles
  • Using 21:
Wbscarf2.gifYou acquire an item: warbear fleece-lined warscarf
  • Using 22:
Wbbowtie2.gifYou acquire an item: warbear plasma bowtie
  • Using 23:
Wbgoggles2.gifYou acquire an item: warbear snowblindness goggles
  • Using 35:
Wbscarf3.gifYou acquire an item: warbear electric warscarf
  • Using 36:
Wbbowtie3.gifYou acquire an item: warbear nuclear bowtie
  • Using 37:
Wbgoggles3.gifYou acquire an item: warbear polarized goggles
  • Using an invalid amount:
That many of those things doesn't make a thing.


  • In order to make one of everything, you would need 204 chunks.
Number Makes Stat Req Enchantment
9 Wbscarf1.gif
warbear warscarf
10 Mysticality Slight Supercold Resistance
So-So Resistance to All Elements (+2)
Regenerate 10-15 HP and MP per adventure
10 Wbbowtie1.gif
warbear laser bowtie
10 Mysticality +20 WarBear Armor Penetration
Weapon Damage +25%
Spell Damage +50%
11 Wbgoggles1.gif
warbear goggles
10 Mysticality +5% Item Drops from WarBears
Combat Initiative +25%
Maximum HP/MP +50
21 Wbscarf2.gif
warbear fleece-lined warscarf
60 Mysticality So-So Supercold Resistance
22 Wbbowtie2.gif
warbear plasma bowtie
60 Mysticality +40 WarBear Armor Penetration
23 Wbgoggles2.gif
warbear snowblindness goggles
60 Mysticality +10% Item Drops from WarBears
35 Wbscarf3.gif
warbear electric warscarf
110 Mysticality Serious Supercold Resistance
Weapon Damage -25%
Spell Damage -50%
36 Wbbowtie3.gif
warbear nuclear bowtie
110 Mysticality +60 WarBear Armor Penetration
Troubling Vulnerability to All Elements (-5)
All Attributes -25%
37 Wbgoggles3.gif
warbear polarized goggles
110 Mysticality +15% Item Drops from WarBears
Combat Initiative -25%
Maximum HP/MP -50


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