WarBear Fortress (Second Level)

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
WarBear Fortress (Second Level)
Zone Num 367
Location The WarBear Fortress
Recom Stat
Combat %
Terrain indoor
refreshedit data
WarBear Fortress (Second Level) is located within The WarBear Fortress and is full of WarBear Officers. It appeared in Crimbo Town (2013) during the 2013 Crimbo season.

Trying to get here without wearing a warbear hoverbelt:

Between the wind and the weird spiky bits all over it, you can't make it to the second story of the fortress without some way of escaping gravity.

Trying to get here while wearing a warbear hoverbelt that has no more battery charge:

Your hoverbelt would totally do the trick to get you up there, only it's out of juice.

Combat Adventures

Warbear Officer This monster is a Beast -- (edit metadata)