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This is a big Wang. Word processor. You'll find its spellcheck to be useful when chatting with the other citizens of Loathing.

Type: usable (self or others)
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: wangs)
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Item number: 625
Description ID: 829507844
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Wad.gif ruby W metallic A lowercase N original G
Wad.gif WA NG
Equals.gif wang

When Used

Reach out and WANG someone.

Use the WANG on (name or playerid)
Use Item

You use the WANG on <target>.

(Bestows 100 turns of wanged on your target, and uses up your wang.)


  • Before the meatpasting list was pruned, attempting to combine a wang with a box would yield the message "Shame on you.", unless you were using The Plunger to combine them.
  • Not related to Numberwang, which is created by a different process.


  • The item name refers to the Wang computer company, which specialized in word-processing hardware and software. There is absolutely nothing else going on here.


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