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Wandering monsters are monsters that can show up in almost any zone that uses adventure.php. They can only show up under special circumstances, such as on holidays, world events, certain quests, special challenge paths, or created through various Mr. Store methods.

Wandering monsters all have a fixed window where they can appear (as well as some with an exact timing). For instance, FoB and El Dia monsters have ranges of 25-35, while monsters hit with the Obtuse Angel's badly romantic arrow have ranges of 15-25. More specifically, the game sets a turncount number equal to your current turncount plus a number in that range, and once your turncount exceeds that set number and you adventure in an adventure.php zone you will get the monster. This means that it is possible to guarantee a wandering monster on a specific turn; provided that you have spent enough turns in non-adventure.php or no-wanderer locations (such as the Tavern Cellar).

Free runaways (such as those granted from the Stomping Boots) or free combats (such as Bricko Monsters, Hipster Monsters or Infernal Seals) will not change the number of turns needed to encounter a wandering monster.

Wandering monsters are capable of overriding normal combats and noncombats, and others (see Encounter for a detailed explanation), but NOT clover adventures, superlikely adventures, or semirares. This has practical consequences to the adventurer; wanderer-ineligible circumstances can reduce the encounter counter without triggering it, leaving a wanderer ready to ambush in the next eligible zone. This can also be exploited for massive benefit: if you're using Dreadsylvania-specific item drop effects, you'll get the massive item drop bonus even against monsters that are not native to the area.


Many wandering monsters that are created by the player (Obtuse Angel, Reanimated Reanimator, Digitize) require that an adventure in a wanderer-eligible adventure.php zone, that fulfills that wanderer's priority, is first used to initialize the wanderers, although whether this initialization costs a turn or not does not matter.

The priority sequence in which wandering monsters is encountered is detailed in the encounter flowchart

Wandering monsters will never appear in the following adventure.php zones, and will be pushed back to the next eligible adventure.php location:

As of 2020/04/16, 'nowanderer' zones also suppress Eldritch Attunement, Hallowiener Dog adventures, and Turtle Taming adventures.